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FreshmanX Video – Outdoor Gay Threeway

Another fresh week and time for yet one more new freshmanx video for you to see. We know how much you love to see our studs getting to do some fucking outdoors and today we bring you another such amazing and hot scene as well. This time though we had three studs going at it. The trio went on a nice camping trip with the trailer home after them and they planned on spending some quality time together at the mountain side. Well by that of course, we mean they were very eager to do some nice and hard style fucking too. So let’s not delay any longer and see them going at it in this scene without delays shall we everyone?

When the scene starts, you can see that the guys were all ready set up nicely and horny too. So without any more delays they just went for it. Watch and see this amazing scene as they start off with the classy and hot undressing and stripping scene and watch them kissing and caressing each other’s bodies all over too. After that you get to see the nice and sexy hunks as they also get to take turns fucking one another in the ass in all kinds of naughty positions as well. And this all ends with a superb and messy jizz fest as they blow each other’s loads all over each other. Have fun and do check out the past scenes as well to see more horny guys fucking everyone! If you liked this scene, join the site and see some gorgeous guys getting their tight asses fucked! Have fun!

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Lucas and Sean Berrett Video

Hey there once more guys and gals. Today we prepared a nice and hot video for you guys to see. In this one you get to watch the sexy studs Lucas and Sean as they get to show off their stuff to you. Firs though, you get to see a nice little compilation of sorts with the two of them and some scenes where they got to have some fun separately in private. So you get to watch them as they get to undress and expose those nice and sexy body curves all nude for you guys too. Anyway, let’s get the show going and see them in action.

Like we said, the video also has them playing solo, so you can see them fingering their asses and stroking those nice cocks. But when it comes down to it, they are simply amazing together too. Sit back and watch as Lucas whips out Sean’s nice and big cock out of his pants. Then you get to see him wrap his eager lips around it to suck on it and get it ready for his ass. And of course, after that prepping you get to see him taking it in the ass doggie style too in this scene. Have fun seeing them fuck each other today and do come back next week too! For similar videos, join the site and see some gorgeous black men fucking one another!

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FreshmanX – Paul and Thierry

Paul and Thierry are the two new hot studs getting ready to have fun for you today. A few updates ago, if you recall, you got to see some more hot studs engaging in some outdoor action as they ended up taking their tent to the woods and spending the afternoon with their cocks in one another’s asses as they were too horny to pass up a passionate fuck together. These two are no different either and you can enjoy seeing them fucking outdoors in the forest as well so let’s just sit back and get their superb scene started today shall we?

When their nice little scene starts off, you can see that the two already had everything set up already. They just didn’t have anything else left to do. So that meant that they had the afternoon to spend how ever they wanted for today. Well they were horny as well so they decided to go for a nice and hard little fuck session today. Take the time to see Paul as he gets to sink his cock balls deep in Thierry’s nice ass this afternoon as he fucks his ass missionary style on the outdoor tables that they had set up too. Have fun with it as usual and see you next week! If you can’t wait until the next week’s post, join the website and see some horny gay guys getting their tight asses fucked!



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Marty Fucks Tad

Here we are once more with new and fresh freshman x updates. This new gallery has some more nice and hot hunks enjoying the pleasures of gay sex and of course you can enjoy it too for the afternoon. You can get to watch Marty and Tad for this one and their hot scene and we bet that you will adore it too. And you can also sit back and enjoy a nice and hot scene with Bryan and Mark as well as you get to see the two fucking nice and wild in a little tend in the woods too. Meanwhile let’s just get back to our guys for today shall we?


As their nice little set, the two freshmen today decided to choose the living room for their pleasing and it was quite amazing to see them at play too. Watch closely and see as they first get undressed and then take their spots on the bed. Watch them kissing passionately and then enjoy some nice and deep as fucking as well. But the guys weren’t nearly done with just that today. You get to take your time and watch them ending with a superb masturbation session and jerking off session too as one guy gets his cock stroked and ass fingered hard style too for this one! If you liked this scene and you’re looking for similar hardcore gay sex videos and pics, check out the site and see some cock hungry Euro guys getting their tight asses fucked!

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Marty Fucks Roy

Marty and Roy are the two new freshmanx stars that get to play for you today and entice you with their simply amazing and hot sexual skills too. You can bet that you get to see them get all naughty and wild and you get to enjoy watching them spending this whole afternoon fucking hard style and all over the place too. Let’s get to see them in action as you are able to see some superb and hot scenes with the two having hard style gay sex today too and we know that you will just adore it. So let’s get this sex show on the road.

Marty gets to be the fuckee today and so he’s going to be enjoying Roy’s mighty cock anally plowing him all day long today. Well he doesn’t mind it at all as he just adores it when he feel’s his fuck buddy’s huge man meat stretching his ass either. Anyway, sit back and watch as Marty gets around to do some nice and passionate sucking on Roy’s nice and hard cock and then when he’s all hard and ready see him bending over and watch him taking it balls deep in the butt too. As per usual we hope that you enjoyed it and we will see you soon! Until then, enter the site and see some hot strippers getting naked for the cam!


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FreshmanX – Frank and Lucas

Another fresh week and time to see another superb freshmanx update this fine afternoon. In this new and hot sex session for the day we bring you the two hot and sexy studs named Frank and Lucas and you get to see just how these two studs like to enjoy their little fuck sessions too. They are very passionate and they always like to do some nice and long foreplay sessions for the cameras and such before doing anything else too. Anyway, let’s get to see them at play for today and watch them have their nice and steamy gay fuck today.freshmanx-frank-and-lucas

As the cameras start to roll, you get to see the two making their entry and starting to play with each other as they also kiss passionately. They begin to undress and before you knew it, both of them had taken their clothes off and were proudly parading those sexy and hot bodies that they have. watch them closely and see them engaging in the hard fucking part next as they get to take turns to bend over for one another and you can see them fucking anally all afternoon long today just for you. Have fun and see you next time! Until then, you can join the twinks porn site and see some cute twinks getting their tight asses stuffed!

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Bryan and Mark

Today’s update is even more hotter than last week’s. Mainly because the two studs from there come back today with a new scene for you to see and it’s just too sizzling hot and amazing to pass up seeing it. Let’s get straight to the action and watch as the two get into some more naughty and kinky fucking action today as they put on the greatest show for the cameras in their sex session for the afternoon today. So let’s just get started and see them in action as they get to have all the fun that they want today shall we? We know you want to see it too.

For this scene, the two studs went out for a little camping trip. Well it was all fun and games and happiness until they both got really really horny. So after they set up their little tent in a rush to fuck too, they got inside immediately and they started to have fun. Watch as the sexy Bryan is once again on the receiving end and see him taking that cock in his ass. You get to watch him spreading those sexy legs and naughty butt cheeks for his buddy and watch him moaning as he gets his ass stretched nicely by a big cock today! If you liked this post and you can’t wait until the next week’s update, join the next door male site and have fun watching some muscled studs jerking off!


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College Stud Sucking Cocks

For this new week’s update we have some more amazing stuff to show off as always to you. Today we get to have a nice and horny little college stud here that would desire to show off his passion for cocks to you and of course, he gets helped by a good buddy of his that was willing to offer up his cock for a nice sucking this afternoon. So if seeing some hot strapping lads sucking on some serious cock is your thing, than this superb and sexy update is just for you. Let’s get the cameras rolling and see these guys in hot and sexy action for today.


This freshman went around stating that no one can give head like he does. Well of course, he was asked to demonstrate his skills to check his claims and as you can see it was all caught on camera. And he more than lived up to his claims as he had this guy moaning loudly as he was sucking on his cock all afternoon long. And he didn’t take his mouth off of that cock until he made the guy blow his nice and big load all over his face and in his mouth as well. Have fun with it and see you next time everyone. We’ll be here waiting for you! If you can’t wait until the next week’s post, join the website and see some muscled gay guys sucking each other’s hard cock! Also you can join the site and see a hot bisexual amateur guy fucking some sexy guys!

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Freshmen Foursome

Hey there once more everyone and welcome to a fresh and hot new freshman x update this afternoon. Last week you got to see no less than three guys going at it in a wild fuck scene and for this one we wanted to up it by one too. So today you get to enjoy the sexual exploits of no less than four horny guys that were eager and ready to fuck all day long today. That’s precisely what they did too so make sure that you don’t miss a single imagine in their nice and hot scene today either. So let’s get to see them at plat without delay.

The show begins with all the guys getting on the bed and beginning their little naughty scene today. Watch closely and see them as they decide to have two of the guys on the receiving end and those happen to be the two blonde guys too. Watch them as they get to wrap their juicy lips around those nice and big hard cocks and see them getting to suck and slurp on them and every now and them you can also see them kissing passionately too. Have fun with this amazing and hot scene and see you next week with new stuff! If you wanna see other cock hungry guys getting their assholes stretched, join the website! Also, if you want to see some horny daddies fucking each other’s tight ass, join the blog! Have fun!


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FreshmanX – Bryan, Mike and Patrick

Hey there guys. Today freshmanx has another superb scene to show off and as you can see, in this one you get to watch three very hot and horny studs as they engage in some nice and kinky sexual action too. The trio was formed from Bryan, Mike and Patrick and these guys were going to take their time to show off how they like to party for the cameras and you guys this fine day today. Also do check out last week’s scene to see two hot hunks that get to do some nice and hard fucking too. You will love Blaze and Taylor’s action scene as well. Anyway, let’s get back to these guys and get their show rolling to see them at play today shall we?


Well, one thing is for sure with this one and that’s that you will be in for the most amazing and hot threesome that you can ever see. The guys went all out for this one and they ended up having quite a lot of fun too. Watch them tart off on the couch as they undress and suck on each other’s fine meat poles to get those cocks nice and hard for the next part. Then you can see them bending over to eagerly take one another’s big and rock hard cocks in those mighty fine asses too. So let’s get to it and see them fuck each other as they get to go balls deep in one another. We hope that you will love them and rest assured that we will have more to show off next week too! For similar hardcore gay sex scenes, enter the hot older male site & have fun inside it! Also you can join the site and see some gorgeous men revealing their perfectly shaped bodies!bryan,-mike-and-patrick-2

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